Blue Insight is a boutique marketing research and consulting agency based in Paris. 

We provide research and insight-based consultancy to support our clients in their brand development strategy: innovation, brand communication strategy, structuring product and service offers, development in specific geographical markets…

Our approach is insight-based and customized: we look for insight where most relevant, with a 360° perspective. This may involve classic consumer research, internal or expert interviews, in-store customer and trade interviews, desk research, semiotics, ethnography, online scoping… We have a strong expertise in qualitative approaches.

We enjoy diversity and work across various categories: B to C and B to B, with solid experience in FMCG, home equipment, retail, cosmetics, optics…we are always curious to immerse ourselves in new sectors.

We also love working across countries, we specialize in leading multi-country projects with deep local immersion and understanding.

At Blue Insight, we believe in :


We are senior researchers, and we work only with other experienced specialists (qualitative, semiology, branding, designers etc...)

We work with an international network of local researchers we’ve vetted and worked with before, with whom we have long standing personal relationships.



We personally run or supervise closely 100% of the research we do, from recruitment to debrief. In particular, we analyze and report research learnings ourselves.

We always supervise international fieldwork in-situ, to brief our local moderation partners thoroughly, to discuss, monitor and optimize the moderation, and to debrief on key results with our partners and clients on the spot.



When running research projects, we like to push our thinking as far as possible, beyond classic approaches: 

We encourage sharing information and learnings with local client teams whenever possible.

We run online and local retail checks to make sure we and our local moderators are fully up to speed on whichever topic we’re working on.

Our previous professional experience in client-side marketing helps us better understand the needs and constraints of our clients. We favor an interactive work mode with our partners (local researchers, experts etc.) and with our clients: with frequent touch-points and sharing all through the research process.

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Isabelle Bonnard Bellier

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Isabelle lives in Paris and has worked in qualitative research and marketing consultancy for over 20 years, after graduating from business school (EDHEC) and getting a Master in Marketing in the UK. She went independent and started working closely with Anne-Sophie in 2012.


Previously, Isabelle worked on both client-side and agency-side. As an Associate Director at Added Value (strategic marketing agency, WPP group), she led international projects and acquired strong expertise in qual research as well as on brand positioning and innovation. She also worked 6 years at The Coca-Cola Company as Knowledge and Insights Manager, supporting marketing and communication teams in their strategic brand plans and their insight needs.


Isabelle spends her free time doing yoga and meditation, organising outdoor camps for children and coaching teens for volunteer projects.

Anne-Sophie Tricaud Blue Insight

Anne-Sophie Tricaud

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Anne-Sophie lives in Paris and has worked in qualitative research for almost 20 years, after starting out in marketing and export management in the luxury industry. She graduated from HEC and is a clinical psychologist, and uses both angles in her research work. Her qualitative experience includes group moderation, in-depth interviewing, in-situ observation and online communities across sectors.

Many of the projects Anne-Sophie has worked on center on innovation: identifying needs, new behavior patterns, new product /concept development (idea generation and concept tests). Anne-Sophie lived in the US for many years, and enjoys projects with an international, cross-cultural scope.

In her free time, Anne-Sophie likes to jog, ride her bike in and around Paris, learn new languages and teach French to foreigners.


Céline Derosier

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Céline lives in Paris and lead a strategic design agency during 15 years. Before that, she worked in qualitative research and marketing consultancy for over 10 years. She graduated from CELSA and a French Business School (ESG).

As Managing Director of Superunion (Strategic Design Agency, WPP group), Céline worked mainly for international clients in various industries ( from Beverage to Airlines, across FMCG and BtoB) on innovation, strategic design, packaging and range architecture projects. As Associate Director at Added Value (Strategic Marketing Agency, WPP group), she also led international projects and acquired strong expertise in qual research as well as Brand positioning (for clients such as BPI Group, Levi's Strauss, Air France...).

In her free time, Céline likes to travel around Asia on a motorcycle, to read and spend time with good friends preferably in a sunny place.

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Charlotte de Saint Meleuc

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Charlotte lives in Lyon and has worked in qualitative research for more than 15 years. She graduated from HEC and after a marketing experience at Mattel as brand manager, she moved to international market research first in Singapore (at Asia Insight) and then in Buenos Aires (at Nielsen BASES) for another two years before coming back to Lyon. She strengthened her ethnographic skills at Market Vision, a market research consultancy during 6 years before deciding to become independent (in 2016).


Charlotte enjoys managing international projects, preferably with a hint of ethnographics, working closely with local partners and diving into different consumer realities. She works mainly for international clients in the food industry (dairy, coffee, …), the food service industry as well as the home sector industry (DIY, cooking appliances), working with both B2C and B2B clients.

Her qualitative skills cover a wide scope of qualitative research tools as well as strategic or ideation workshop facilitation. 

In her free time, Charlotte is an avid reader and likes practicing yoga or escaping to the Alps to hike or ski with family and friends.

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Blue Insight is part of Qual Collective, a team of highly experienced researchers working together in Europe, the US, Asia and LATAM. 


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